Restoration & Fabrication


custom body, welding, mig welding, auto body, fabrication, restoration

At Colvin, we offer a full restoration process. We completely disassemble your vehicle, repair, modify, paint, replace or recondition every part and reassemble it, better than new. It is a manufacturer where you get to choose exactly what you want, as wild as you can imagine or just like the original factory built it. Every step of the process has its own facility and personnel, all located on one campus. This gives us the ability to easily work small jobs into the flow for an individual part or just one process on your project. 

Engine Building

engine building, degree wheel, dial gauge, piston, engine block, short block, hot rod, straight six

In addition to over three decades of engine building , we have a machine shop and dyno on site and can build the machine you need and test it. We have experience building and rebuilding engines for daily drivers as well as nearly every type of engine! Our Dynojet facility can help you tune or de-tune your vehicle  to best fit your application.


upholstery, hand sewn, sew, leather, interior, vinyl, stitching, sewing, car seat, sewing machine

Our in house upholstery department can create or recreate any interior products you need, to match it's original style or custom to one-off artwork. Not only do we upholster car interiors, but we can also upholster your boat. A beautiful interior serves as more than just a wow-factor at car shows but it is where you interact with your machine and is something you notice every time you get in your vehicle. We are here to have your cockpit built exactly the way you want it.

Custom Headers and Exhaust

custom headers, stainless headers, tig welding, header fabrication, custom exhaust, cobra exhaust

Keeping equal tube length in the space left over between body and engine can be the toughest piece of fabrication in a build. We can build those magic custom stainless headers you need to complete your project. 

Body Customization

1949 Chevy Truck, custom hot rod, custom body, '49, Chevrolet, Truck, fabrication, slammed, dropped

Have a body you want chopped, sectioned or tubbed out? We can move those body mounts, install that smooth firewall or the replacement metal for that notorious rust spot you might have. If the vision for your build might require any of these processes that might be beyond the capabilities of your shop, we can make your build come to life.


Paint job, paint booth, auto paint, PPG, Kandy, auto body, touch up, dent, bondo, show, GTO

Our paint department can match or create any color you desire. Unlike bargain basement painters, we can put in the elbow grease before and after shooting that results in a show quality paint job.