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Finding a qualified shop to help you maintain your vintage and exotic vehicle is critical. For some makes and models, it can be near impossible to find someone with both the relevant experience and the shop capability. Our maintenance facility boasts eighteen bays that are staffed with technicians who are accustomed to everything from brand new supercars to rare antiques. Old or new, domestic or import, we have you covered.

Common Vehicles

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Although we have Ferarri technicians on staff and not a day goes by that we don't adjust a carburetor, we are not exclusive to Packards and Porsches. We can service modern vehicles as well, so bring us your Honda, Subaru, pickup truck - if you can drive it, we can fix it. Every car needs clean brake fluid, oil changes at least every four months, coolant flushed at least every four years (rusty coolant is a common cause of poor heater function), etc., and all of the recommended intervals are shortened if your car is not driven regularly. We are more than happy to prioritize a maintenance schedule that fits your vehicle, your driving style, your goals and your budget. 

Uncommon Service

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While you may think of an oil change as something so simple that nearly anybody can do it (and you would be mostly right), it is also your vehicle's opportunity to get checked over by an expert. Examining the fluids is like taking vital signs and a technician familiar with a vehicle will see or even sometimes smell when something is out of place. That's why we look over every car as it comes in and before it leaves, no matter how small or simple the job. As we all know, in the automotive world, an ounce of prevention is far cheaper than a pound of cure. The two things that keep old vehicles fresh are driving them and regular maintenance and we can help you with the mechanical side.


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