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The People

Colvin really is its people.  If you talk with any of Colvin's wide-ranging clientele, be it a high-ranking politician, music celebrity, notable racing circuit driver or one of the many solid citizens who bring their autos to Colvin, you'd find they really trust and respect the Colvin team and its operation.  Many of the staff have been with the company for years.  Their expertise, experience and quality focus delivers old-fashioned value to their customers in a manner not commonly experienced in today's environment.

K.C. Colvin, the owner and general manager of Colvin Automotive, has been the driving force since first opening shop in February, 1988. Don't let that youthful look fool you, K.C. has been around the track for a lotta years. He was a race car driver in his early years and still races on occasion. K.C.'s knowledge, skill and leadership along with the great team he has assembled, has made Colvin the well-regarded service it is. K.C. is hands-on -- from the management to mechanic to customer relations to parts. K.C.'s extensive connection to the performance world brings an invaluable asset to Colvin's customers no matter what kind of vehicle they drive.

Karen Colvin is not only K.C.'s wife but is probably his biggest fan.  Karen can be found helping out in the front office or anywhere else as needed.  As the mother of Kameron Colvin, she's also raising the next generation mechanic for the business.

John Dwyer, is the Project manager for the restorations and large scale overhauls. John has been working on Porsche and other euro models since 1968. Since then John has been involved with PCA, SCCA, and SCCA pro racing along with race preparation of many Porsche and other high end sports cars. When spare time is available John enjoys bike riding and racing his personal Porsches and taking the 911 out on long road trips.

Mike Laroque, After more than thirty plus years of building cars lead and metal finishing techniques, when people tell me I am "old school" its the highest compliment they can pay me! It really doesn't matter if its's basic transportation or an all out custom, our customer's lover their cars, and they deserve the best we can offer. As an A.S.E. certified master tech. who holds a degree in business, you would think I could spell, but I still insist that bondo is a four letter word!

Aaron Zapata is the parts manager for Colvin Automotive.  He's been in the auto business since 1978 taking care of both domestic and import vehicles.  The variety of cars that come through Colvin can really challenge the parts department, but Aaron wouldn't have it any other way.  He says that's one of the highlights of the job; in fact, the day we interviewed Aaron, he was chasing parts for a 1959 Cadillac and a 300 ZX.  When he's not chasing parts, Aaron likes the renowned Austin music scene.

Kendall Colvin works upfront as the front desk assistant.  A freshman in high school, Kendall says the cars she sees come in are the #1 thing she likes about the shop.  A chip off the old block, she likes working with K.C., her famous father, in figuring out how things work and building things with him.  She's learning to drive and keeps hinting (strongly) she'd eventually like to race.

Daniel Denton is a man of many skills.  Daniel's regular job is service and sales and is one of the key experts on operating the dynamometer.  But he also performs as Colvin's website focus acting as point man to the website development company.  Besides putting much of the content together for the initial website, Daniel maintains and updates the site on an ongoing basis as well as helping out with the internal computer systems and networking.  He likes the variety of cars and challenges in the work and likes the employee benefit of free dyno runs.

Kory is always been part of the shop since he was a child. Now he is out of high school this will be his first year of working full time at the shop. Since a small child he has been into go kart and dirt bike racing, so he already has a bit of background with go fast stuff. At the moment he is undecided with were and whats next, but we know he loves the automotive field.

Kameron Colvin is definitely the youngest of the staff at Colvin. Already developing a keen eye for a hot engine, Kameron still has a ways to go before receiving his ASE certification. 

Riley Ningen, is also part of the body shop team. Riley is new to Austin moving from Wyoming. Riley is a grad. from Wyotech and majored in collision, refinishing and street rod fabrication, has a bachelors in industrial design. When some spare time is available you might find him working on his personal 1947 Ford truck.

David Wilson, To start a non-profit racing team, ‘Racing for Cause’, supporting other non-profits that are making a difference in the world.

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