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The Mission

The Mission Statement: The "Colvin Perspective"

It's a common and almost expected practice today for a business to have a "mission" statement. Such statements are often more of a "let's try and hope to be" rather than a "this is how IT is around here".  At Colvin, everyone knows what's expected... they know how the work is to be done... they know how customers are to be treated... they know the quality expected in the work..., etc. Everyone knows IT and just does IT.  So while you may not find IT as a mission statement hanging on the front wall, you will find IT along with no small amount of pride about the shop.  Simply put:

Our team's commitment is to perform quality repairs with expert personnel at an affordable price using state of the art equipment and techniques.

We see ourselves working with you, our customer, in a mutual partnership based on trust, integrity, clear communication, competency and informed decisions.  We understand you come to us expecting a "class" operation and we are dedicated to providing THAT. And the way we ensure THAT is by doing IT.

IT means a constant commitment to ongoing team education and certification.

IT means we continually upgrade our equipment, tools, systems and techniques to stay current.

IT means meeting or exceeding OEM quality levels for parts, whether new, refurbished or internally fabricated.

IT means respecting our surroundings not only in attitude but in real practice as a part of our community.

IT means doing whatever it takes to be the best.

THAT means:

we do IT all ...

we do IT right ...

we treat YOU right...


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