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Makano in Colvin GT

Photo Gallery of Events and Projects
[Title] [Short description] [Startdate] [Location] [#]
Viper Club of America Colvin hosts Viper Dyno Day 14
TLC's OverHaulin Hosted by Colvin Automotive TLC take over of the shop for Lance Armstrong 26
This car is for sale! Please call us Mr. Customer wanted a few more ponies. 12
SSR Custom Fan Kit Complete plug and play kit with no modifactions needed 7
Sheryl Crow's 1959 Mercedes 190SL This car was in pretty good shape over all, but needed a lot of basic repairs and touch ups to finish it off. 12
Resto of a 1967 Chevy Chevelle more to come... 8
Real off road truck baja style! This monster of a truck just wouldn't run right! 18
Porsche Dyno Day Colvin hosts Porsche Car Club Dyno Day 23
One tough 442 build up After finding a knocking rod bearing...plan of attack for full engine build up. 5
Land Cruiser updates and designs that are one off Ms. Customer wanted a Custom Cruiser by design 8
Lamborghini clutch repair Almost a project for being a clutch job 17
Ford's flagship super car As if the car wasn't fast enough! 10

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