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Makano in Colvin GT

Photo Gallery of Events and Projects
[Title] [Short description] [Startdate] [Location] [#]
1964 Impala convertible resto rod The perfect car to turn into a resto rod. 12
1970 Challenger upgrades and repairs This is one nice Mopar with lots of power on tap. 40
1960 190 Mercedes Major interior overhaul, along with other upgrades 17
SSR Custom Fan Kit Complete plug and play kit with no modifactions needed 7
Sheryl Crow's 1959 Mercedes 190SL This car was in pretty good shape over all, but needed a lot of basic repairs and touch ups to finish it off. 12
1976 Toyota FJ40 The customer needed a hand in finishing up the re-wiring of the whole truck and a few other requests. 13
Real off road truck baja style! This monster of a truck just wouldn't run right! 18
Lamborghini clutch repair Almost a project for being a clutch job 17
1967 Fire Bird Restoration Camille is the original owner! 12
1957 FoMoCo Thunder Bird Full restoration with late model upgrades. 33
Colvin Automotive sets a Corvette on fire! Its almost like tattoos for cars 9
AC COBRA COLVIN KR EDITION It's never enough... 21

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